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Burrows Best

Burrows Best Hair & Body Wash

Burrows Best Hair & Body Wash

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Specially formulated by Olympic swimmer Elvis Burrows, Burrows Best Hair & Body Wash restores moisture and shine after a long day of sun and chlorine. The vegan formula is friendly to all hair types, helping keep thick, curly hair under control while also preventing thinner hair from falling flat. Keep your post-swim hair flexible and touchable (no dry straw feeling here) with products strong enough for an Olympian but gentle enough for kids.

This product pulls its weight when it comes to keeping you smelling like a tropical vacation instead of chlorine. Whatever your best stroke is, clean up afterward with Burrows Best.

Your children will love the playfully named "Smelvis Freshley" with luxurious tropical pineapple and coconut scents. A generous 12 oz. bottle will last all summer but is still small enough to tuck into a swim bag. For best results, use with Burrows Best Lotion.

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