Children in swimming pool wearing swimsuits and Frogglez swim goggles

Frogglez® Swim Goggles

Do your swim goggles keep slipping down over your ears? Do you get out of the pool with goggle marks from tight straps? Do your goggles tangle in your hair?

Get Frogglez - swim goggles without the headache.

 - Make your swimmer more confident

 - Glide on and off without pulling hair

 - Soft, comfortable neoprene strap isn't super tight

 - Easily adjust size without taking goggles off

 - Frogglez float so they're easy to find

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Size Guide



Recommended for kids 3-6 yrs old - Head circumference 15 - 19 inches 

NEW YOUTH (Pattern Frogglez)

Recommended for kids 3-10 yrs old - Head circumference 16 - 22 inches  

ADULT (Rayz)

Recommended for 10+ year olds - Head circumference 16-22 inches


Measure the circumference of your child's head using a soft tape measure. The tape should cross the forehead and be less than 1 inch above the height of the ears. 

Ordered a wrong size? No problem! Exchange your Frogglez Goggles within 60 days for different size at no charge!