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Frogglez Swimming Goggles

Pauze Comfortable Sleep Mask with Free Yoga Nidra Meditation

Pauze Comfortable Sleep Mask with Free Yoga Nidra Meditation

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>STAY PUT DESIGN - The Patent Pending adjustable top strap keeps the mask from sliding off or down your neck 

>LIGHT AND SOUND BLOCKING - Maximize rest and sleep even in the brightest environment. Proprietary design covers ears to enhance the feeling of peace, quiet, and tranquility. Ideal for athletes, meditation, Yoga, travel, therapy, insomnia, shift work, and busy, overwhelmed parents

>LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT - Light yet not flimsy >Mask comes with a top-quality carrying case for easy storage and travel >SOFT, BREATHABLE, AND DURABLE - Premium quality, comfortable memory foam does not trap heat nor make your face sweat

>GREAT FOR EAR PLUGS OR EARBUDS - Large strap completely covers ears to keep ear plugs/buds from falling out - great for noisy environments, meditation, and the deepest sleep possible

>THE SENSITIVE CHOICE - Specifically designed for sensitive people who want to reduce the input of sound and light, as well as manage anxiety

>YOGA NIDRA MEDITATION- Each Pauze Mask comes with a free downloadable Yoga Nidra Mediation created by Dr. Diana Liu

>The comfort and design of our patented Frogglez Goggles in an eye mask. Of course, you don't have to wear it at night...this mask is perfect for taking a break anytime, anywhere. 

Life can be stressful, take a Pauze. 

Comes in a black zippered neoprene carrying case with a Pauze embroidered tag.

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