Chris Cook Endorses Frogglez Goggles

Two-time Olympic swimmer Chris Cook endorses Frogglez® Goggles!  

After competing for Great Britain for nearly 10 years, Chris hung up his goggles and retired from international swimming. He shares his wisdom and experience with young swimmers as the director and owner of Swim Buddies Swimming Academy in Darlington, UK. 

After trying out Frogglez swim goggles at his swim school and with his own family with great success, Chris decided to become part of the Frogglez Fam. Swim Buddies is the exclusive distributor of Frogglez Goggles in the UK.

"My little girl Charlie was immediately drawn to them and she popped a pair in and watched the last part of 'Frozen' with them on. She said they are comfortable."  - Chris Cook, Olympic Finalist