Frogglez swim goggles comfortable strap can be adjusted bigger or smaller to fit children ages 3 to 10 years old with optional extender rings black rings

Optional Frogglez Goggles Extender Rings Instructions

Kids come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and there's not one design that will fit every child perfectly. That said, Frogglez patented split strap easily adjusts to fit most children ages 3-10. With multiple adjustments and the ability to swap in extenders, you'll be able to best fit your child.

The patented Frogglez Goggles strap is made from wetsuit material, so it's stretchy! It stretches even more once you get it wet. Just like you do with a wetsuit, you can dip it in clean water and use your hands to gently stretch and activate the neoprene. 

Unique silicone extender rings make Frogglez fit even better!

Use the Velcro tabs to make minor adjustments without taking the goggles off. When you need bigger adjustments, add or remove the black silicone ring that ships with each pair of Frogglez.

For smaller kids, set them aside and thread the Velcro strap directly through the goggles. As your child grows up, add the silicone extender to lengthen the strap. 

Here is how you use them

Froggglez Goggles black o-ring extender Instructions

The sturdy strap can last for years

Frogglez neoprene strap can last for years with a little TLC. Rinse it in fresh water after each use and allow it to air dry. Don't store it while wet and never leave it outside in the sun or heat if they're not being used.

When you need new goggle eyepieces

Get just what you need on our website. We sell replacement straps and tinted replacement lenses so you can try out a new pattern or choose a different color tint.

If the goggle eyepieces don't fit anymore, no worries! Frogglez sturdy comfort strap attaches to almost any goggle on the market. In fact, it's perfect for snorkel masks! 

I lost my extender rings, how can I get more?

Email us with your home address and we'll send you a new pair of extender rings at no charge! We'll even include a Frogglez sticker for the kiddos! Fun fact: our custom stickers from Sticker Mule are waterproof!

Custom logo sticker printed by

Troubleshooting for a perfect fit

Leaking goggles are usually caused by straps that are too loose. Tighten the straps a bit or take out the extender rings. If the sides of the strap are buckling, they're too tight - add some rings and check the fit again.

Sunscreen can also be a culprit - anything slippery will make a less secure connection between the silicone flange and the orbital area. This doesn't mean we don't want you to use sunscreen! It's possible that a different lotion, spray, or stick would work better.

It's possible that our one-piece silicone goggles might not match up well to facial features. Our eyes are all a different width apart, and nose bridges can be short and wide or prominent and thin! To test this, take the goggles off of the strap and press them gently onto his face. They should suction and hold for 1-3 seconds before falling off.

Need more help?

If you need a bit of advice for getting the best fit, send us an email or reach out on social media - we love to hear from our customers!

Pair of Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles with diagrams of each feature including adjustment rings, UV protective lenses, Anti-fog coated lenses and the wrap around neoprene head strap.

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