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Why Frogglez Swim Goggles?

Learning to swim is hard enough. Why add painful swim goggles that drown your eyes with water? Luckily, there is a solution. By far, the best kids swim goggles are here to save the day. Frogglez brings innovation, comfort, and confidence to the swimming pool. 


What Makes Frogglez Stand Out?

Frogglez Goggles are by far the best swim goggles for kids. These adjustable goggles have many advanced features that surpass other brand name goggles. Each feature will be discussed below.

Wrap-Around Head Strap

The patented full wrap around head strap is made with neoprene material. This design and material insures that all hair types are 100% are safe from being pulled and tugged. The neoprene material ensures a no pinch on skin, as well as hair. This head strap stays secure with every movement. Furthermore, the smartest design combined with the best material produces the best support for kids and adults.

High-tech Eyepiece 

Frogglez high-tech design continues with the features of the eyepiece. The eye piece is a UV protective lens that has an anti-fogging coating. On the outside of the lens, a silicone ring, acts as a suction that shapes to your unique face shape. These silicone rings prevent any water from entering the goggles.

Adjustable Bands On Each Side

Each side of Frogglez has a silicone flange that comes with your goggles. These allow you to adjust your goggles to the exact size you want. These silicone flanges loop through the ends of the eyepiece and connects to the Velcro strap. Because of this, Frogglez Goggles fit a range of children from 3-10.

Best Kids Goggles

Not only did Frogglez re-invent comfort and ease, but they set a new safety standard for goggles everywhere. With the many features that Frogglez has, it is clear to see why they are the safest, and most comfortable swim goggles for kids and adults.

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