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How to Prevent Red Eyes, Dry Skin, and Green Hair from Swimming

With the promise of long summer days just around the corner, talking about the downsides of swimming pool chemicals is no fun. The pool chemicals that keep our water safe enjoyable can wreak havoc on your eyes, hair, and skin! Don’t get us wrong; the benefits of pool chemicals far outweigh the negatives of disease transmission - no argument there! So, add these tips to your toolbox to prevent dry skin, red eyes, green hair, and cough that can occur after a long day splashing at the pool.

How do pool chemicals affect your skin and hair?

Professional swimmers like Olympian Elvis V. Burrows spend hours every day in the swimming pool. He knows better than anyone that chlorine sticks to you even after a post-swim shower. Because of this, he decided to tackle the drying effects of chlorine, saltwater, and sun with his own formulation. As a result, Burrows created Burrows Best Hair & Body Wash for Kids, as well as Burrows Best Lotion. With luxurious tropical pineapple and coconut scents, the gentle Hair & Body Wash tackles the drying effects of chlorine and sun while hydrating hair and skin. Likewise, the moisturizing Lotion tackles the drying effects of chlorine and sun with the highest-quality botanical extracts and rejuvenating natural essential oils.

Burrows Best Infographic. Burrows Best is the best kid's and adults after-swim body soap, shampoo and lotion

How to stop getting red eyes from swimming pool chemicals?

Pool water can be hard on your eyes, and even the cleanest pool contains floating debris and chemicals. Ew, we know. Every splash washes away your natural tears and exposes eyes to irritating chlorine, leaving swimmers with red, itchy, and uncomfortable peepers. Swim goggles, such as Frogglez Goggles allow you to open your eyes underwater comfortably without exposing them to dirt, chlorine, or worse. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends wearing goggles to protect your eyes every time you swim. Eye safety is one of the most important precautions that is overlooked at the pool. It’s time to invest in your kid’s eye health in the pool!

Finding watertight goggles that form a seal with easy-to-adjust straps that stay on while kids splash, play, and laugh can be tough. That’s why Frogglez revolutionary strap is so popular with kids and parents! The soft neoprene strap attaches to almost any swim goggles and helps keep them from leaking. Keeping pool water and chemicals out of eyes is the best way to prevent irritation.

How to prevent green hair from the swimming pool?

Chlorine and other pool chemicals can cause all kinds of hair damage. If you swim for hours at a time, you could leave the pool with crunchy, damaged, or green hair! The single best prevention for all of these outcomes is to soak your hair with clean water before entering the pool. Saturated hair can’t absorb as much chlorinated water.  

Always rinse your hair with clean water as soon as you exit the pool and wash it thoroughly with a sulfate-free shampoo like Burrows Best Hair & Body Wash. The less time you allow the chlorine to stay on your hair, the less opportunity you give it to cause damage. Check out our blog all about how to stop green hair caused by swimming.

How to prevent the chlorine cough after the swimming pool?

Do you ignore the pool signs that say you have to rinse off in the shower before entering the pool? Many people do. It turns out that rinsing off before swimming is one of the most important things you can do to keep the pool from generating chloramines – those vapors that make the pool smell.

Indoor swimming can cause more respiratory and distress than outdoor pools because the chloramines can hover just above the water if not vented properly. To combat this, many swim schools use high-tech UV equipment to limit the amount of chlorine. Ask your swim instructor or swim school what equipment and chemicals they use so you can limit the chemical exposure for your swimmer.

Keeping it cool!

There's no reason to ruin summer fun by steering clear of swimming pools! Incorporate great after-swim products and a good pair of swimming goggles, to avoid the discomfort caused by long hours in the pool!

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