young girl in black swim suit is underwater on the pool stairs getting a toy while wearing her pink Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles.

Are your kid's swim goggles safe?

When shopping for swim goggles for your kids, there's nothing more important than safety. Frogglez Goggles are carefully designed and independently tested to ensure your children will be safe when using them. But, as a family-owned business, it's not enough to meet the bare minimum of safety standards.

Frogglez exceed the standards for children's safety  

We design Frogglez with children in mind, so our products comply with all applicable children's product safety rules. However, we don't stop there. We send Frogglez to an independent lab for testing. Engineers carefully examine our products for sharp edges or pinch points. Most importantly, Frogglez are tested to ensure children are not exposed to harmful chemicals like lead, phthalates, or formaldehyde. They're also CPSIA tested and proven Prop 65 compliant.

Avoid allergies and irritation

Frogglez only contain the highest quality materials to limit irritations or allergic reactions. In addition, they're latex-free and BPA-free. We even test our packaging to ensure it's free of toxic chemicals - even though we know they don't last long in the package once they arrive. We're dedicated to safety in every step of production and shipping Frogglez because details matter.

Protect their eyes every time you put on sunscreen

UV damage accumulates over a lifetime, and the sun's rays are as much as 15% stronger in Australia and New Zealand. Since eyes are just as vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer as the rest of the body, we think kids should have eye protection every time they wear sunscreen. In addition, we want your children's eyes to be as safe as possible from the U.S. to Australia. So Frogglez swimming goggles have 100% UV protection on all lenses. After all, you only get one chance to do it right.

Seeing clearly underwater

Since the whole point of swim goggles is to allow you to see underwater, it only makes sense to make sure people can see through them. That's why our swim goggles for kids don't have glitter or attachments that block underwater vision. All Frogglez Goggles have an anti-fog coating to minimize condensation on the lens, making it easier to see underwater. We have an entire blog regarding anti-fog goggles that is awesome!! Our swim goggles have what matters: function, comfort, and safety.

Keep the functional, add the fun

We know how often you have to say, "walk, don't run!" at the pool. That's why our goggles are designed to keep up with active children. The flexible silicone frame fits young faces and forms a watertight seal with a large silicone gasket. The impact-resistant polycarbonate lens is tested to make sure it can handle long days at the swimming pool. Frogglez are so comfortable and easy to use that they're recommended by adaptive swim programs like Swim Angelfish worldwide.

Frogglez look a little different because they are

The patented strap makes Frogglez stand out from the crowd. It's designed specifically for comfort and ease of use which means it's easy for kids to manage independently. The unique split strap holds goggles in place during the biggest jumps and dives and reduces the chance of leaks. In addition, the buoyant neoprene floats the goggles to the top of the water, so they're always right at hand.

After you've researched which swim goggles pass Prop 65, the choice is easy. When you know the safety features of your goggles, you can focus on fun. Take the next step into your child's safety by getting them Frogglez. 

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