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Frogglez Protect your Child’s Eyes from Sunburn

October 20, 2019

You already know that your child’s skin needs UV protection every time they’re outdoors. The sun’s powerful rays can damage unprotected skin in as little as fifteen minutes. Even if you wouldn’t dream of letting your kids play at the pool for hours without sunscreen, you might be letting it happen unintentionally.

You can sunburn your eyes, too!

That’s right, you can slather sunscreen over every inch of a kid’s skin, but you’re still missing something critical. Eyes are just as vulnerable to sunburn as the rest of the body. The sun emits damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays that can damage the eyes no matter the temperature or weather. 

The outermost part of your eye, the cornea, gets sunburned just like any other exposed skin. UV rays cause inflammation, which leaves eyes red and sensitive. Just like a normal sunburn, the longer you’re exposed, the worse the symptoms. UV damage accumulates over a lifetime. Worse, a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s risk of skin cancer later in life, and children with light-colored eyes sustain are more at risk of permanent damage.

Even a few serious sunburns can make your child's risk of getting skin cancerHow do you know if your eyes are sunburned?

A sunburn on your eyes feels like sandpaper rubbing on your eyes. Your eyes turn red, vision can become blurry, and bright lights can cause pain. Unfortunately, there’s not bottled sunscreen for eyes. 

Wide-brimmed hats can limit sun exposure, but sunshine reflects off of water and sand at the lake, pool, and beach even if it’s slightly cloudy. Swimmers should wear goggles that block 100 percent of UV rays even if the sun isn’t bright enough to bother their eyes. 

Sun damage is cumulative

Sunburned eyes will heal without intervention in most cases, in the same way your body heals a normal burn. The risk of permanent damage is low, but with small children, three days of pain can feel like a lifetime. An extreme sunburn to the eyes might require a trip to the doctor.

Protect your child’s eyes as soon as possible. Sunglasses and swim goggles with UV coating are more effective at blocking damaging rays than wearing hats or staying in the shade. Frogglez goggles provide total UV protection in and out of the water for the entire time you’re outside. Frogglez goggles are also impact-resistant. They are designed to protect your child’s eyes if struck by an object or during a fall. It’s like having the benefit of protective eyewear and sunglasses. 

Prevent sunburned eyes with Frogglez goggles

No matter how much you slather on the SPF to protect your child’s skin, their eyes are vulnerable to UV damage. Always remember to have your children wear adequate eye protection that blocks UV rays like Frogglez goggles.

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Size Guide

Not sure which size to order?

Measure your head circumference!

Place soft measuring tape around your child’s head about 1/2-inch above the ear, across the mid-forehead where a hat would sit. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly, and write down the measurement of where the tape meets. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, use a piece of string and measure as directed. Then, lay the string on a ruler or yardstick to determine measurement.

Head Circumference

Recommended Goggles

15-18 inches Frogglez Youth (3-6)
16-22 inches Frogglez Youth (3-10)
19-22 inches Frogglez Adult (10+)


In between sizes?

Frogglez universal strap adapts to almost any swim gogglesFrogglez Goggles easily adjust to fit most kids. Kids can tighten or loosen without taking them off using the Velcro straps. Use the optional black silicone rings included with every pair of Frogglez to adjust even more.

Make Frogglez smaller: Remove the silicone rings for smaller children and thread the Velcro right through the goggles.

Make Frogglez bigger: Adding an extension ring is easy! Double up the rings to extend the strap length for bigger kids.  


Still having trouble with the fit?

Frogglez Goggles use a soft silicone to create a leakproof seal. The gentle pressure of the seal is designed to withstand cannonballs, dives, and splashes. That said, eyes and noses are different sizes and shapes, which can affect the way goggles fit.

There isn’t one perfect goggle, only the one that best fits your face. If you find that the eyepieces don’t fit, don’t fret. Frogglez universal strap attaches to most goggles on the market.  The black silicone rings included with each pair of Frogglez makes attachment to other goggles simple.


We offer a fit guarantee!

Ordered the wrong size? No problem! Exchange your Frogglez Goggles within 60 days for a different size at no charge!