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Why Swim Instructors Recommend Frogglez Goggles

Two-time Olympic swimmer Chris Cook credits Frogglez Goggles with allowing his swimmers at SwimBuddies swim school in Darlington, UK to focus on learning to swim because they know they can rely upon their swim goggles. As a parent and swimming teacher, he says Frogglez are essential for effective swim lessons. 

learn to swim with frogglez swim goggles recommended by chris cook

Teaching swimming to the next generation is a privilege and it’s one of the very few jobs that I have had in life that I lose track of time. Hours can fly by and it feels like I’ve only been in the water teaching swimming for minutes… it’s crazy.

The best part of being a swim instructor

It’s fair to say that the best part of the job is helping children to harness skills that they will keep for life, skills that they will work for, skills that are tricky to master first, second, third (or many more) times before they get it right!

Philosophy for success

I’m a huge fan of ‘if you’re doing something, then give it you all, otherwise it’s not worth doing it at all.’

Then we found Frogglez and the swimmers' commitment to the lessons improved overnight.

Swim goggles were such a challenge

With this said, swimmers need to come into swimming lessons and bring the learning attitude necessary to progress. One thing that always affected the swimmers attitude in lessons was goggles… goggles slipping, leaking, mis-fitting, hurting, feeling uncomfortable.

I lost count of how many times I said ‘Leave your goggles alone and lets get moving’ or ‘shall we see if another pair work better next week so we can have a better lesson’. Then we found Frogglez and the swimmers' commitment to the lessons improved overnight.

Kids can focus on learning to swim

I watched swimmers walk on pool deck and pop their own goggles on, with no slipping or moving around, with no fuss. Swimmers' attitude in the lesson and engagement with what I was saying and asking them to do suddenly started to improve. It was great to see.

Exploring under the water is such an important part of a swimmers journey. Frogglez helped our swimmers to do that whilst developing core aquatic skills. They're able to control their breathing with confidence that they can rely upon their goggles.

As a swimming teacher I see Frogglez as an essential part of the toolkit to help swimmers secure their swimming skills each week whilst having fun and looking pretty cool in the process too!

- Chris Cook

Two-time Olympic Swimmer and Owner of SwimBuddies Junior Swimming Academy 


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