Swimmer at Swim Angelfish swim lessons wearing Frogglez pink mermaid swim goggles. Adaptive swim lessons for kids with sensory issues. Best goggles for autism. Comfortable goggles that don't pull hair.

Swim Angelfish Adaptive Swim Training program recommends Frogglez

Frogglez swimming goggles are the only swimming goggles that are a Certified Autism Resource. The IBCCES certified Frogglez swimming goggles after reviewing and declaring the swim goggles a trusted resource that provides a therapeutic benefit and improves the quality of life of individuals with autism.

Parents of kids with sensory sensitivities regularly share that Frogglez Goggles are the only swim goggles that work well for their kids. According to Ailene Tisser and Cindy Freedman, co-founders of the premier Adaptive Swim Certification program in the nation, the patented Frogglez strap is what makes the difference. Swim Angelfish helps swimmers with various special needs reach their full potential through aquatic therapy sessions and Swim Whisperers™ swim lessons

Therapy practice expanded into adaptive swim instruction

Tisser and Freedman, a Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist, run a thriving swim therapy and adaptive swim training practice built on years of knowledge and experience. Through swim lessons, water-based therapy sessions, seminars, and workshops, they help swimmers with attention difficulties, anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), sensory challenges, physical disabilities, and coordination difficulties. Over and over, their clients returned after therapy, asking for swim lessons because they couldn’t find instructors that worked with their kids.

Faced with the alarming statistic that drowning is the leading cause of death for children with autism, it became apparent there was a gap in swim instruction. So, they expanded their practice into adaptive swim instruction.

Frogglez eliminate challenges that traditional goggles pose for kids on the spectrum

Ailene Tisser, co-founder of the successful program, said she initially found out about Frogglez from parents of their swimmers. She said Frogglez swim goggles work for kids with sensory sensitivities because they:

  • slide overhead without pulling hair
  • don’t require constant adjustments
  • don’t slip or leak
  • provides reassuring sensory input

Aquatic teams need adaptive swim education

Many families with children who have special needs have trouble finding swim instructors trained and certified to work with individuals on the spectrum. They seek swim instruction programs that have invested in research-based training and professional review for the best outcome.

The premier adaptive swim certification program in the U.S.

Tisser and Freedman wanted to share their extensive knowledge and best practices to ensure that children worldwide could enjoy the best possible experience during swim training. So, they launched a worldwide certification program for swim instructors. The online program, called Swim Whisperers™, recommends Frogglez Goggles for use in adaptive swim techniques and lesson training. Swim Whisperer sessions help swim instructors create the lifelong skills kids need to be comfortable and safe in the water.

Swimmers wearing Frogglez swim goggles at adaptive swim training session


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