Masterz Goggles NOW Available!

Masterz Goggles NOW Available!

December 13, 2017

    • Looking for the most comfortable swimming goggles in the World that will fit most Adults?
    • Want some swimming goggles that are not only cool but stay put on the head and don't pull hair or pinch ears?

    Well, after testing dozens of different styles of goggles, with the generous help of our Olympian supporter Elvis Burrows, we finally picked the new MASTERZ Swimming Goggles line!

    There simply is not a more comfortable swim goggle solution available anywhere that allows young adults and master swimmers to focus on the task at had, swimming, rather than fuzzing with their goggles.

    Get a pair of Masterz Swimming Goggles for Christmas today, you will love them.


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    Size Guide



    Recommended for kids 3-6 yrs old - Head circumference 15"-18"


    Recommended for kids 6 -10 yrs old - Head circumference 19"-23" 


    Recommended for kids 10+ yrs old - Head circumference 19"+

    Measure the circumference of your child's head using a soft tape measure. The tape should cross the forehead and be less than 1 inch above the height of the ears. 

    Ordered a wrong size? No problem! Exchange your Frogglez goggles within 30 days for different size at no charge!