Boy wearing blue Frogglez swimming goggles looks up at his older sister who is earing green swim goggles as they stand on a beach with a pink sunset

How to Choose the Best Swim Products for Your Swimmer

Believe it or not, choosing the best swim products comes down to simple science. Since pool chemicals and UV rays can wreak havoc on your swim gear, it’s important to choose swim products that hold up to repeated use. Here are few tips for choosing the best products to make your swim experience as safe and fun as it can be. 

The best swim goggles for kids 

Moms can tell you that an adjustable, comfortable pair of goggles is the way to go. Otherwise, swimmers spend less time in the pool enjoying the water than outside the pool complaining of ill-fitting or leaking goggles. 

Frogglez® Goggles are a fabulous option for your swimmer. The patented design makes it easy to attach replacement goggles to the Frogglez strap. The neoprene strap will stand up to years of use if cared for under normal conditions. For durability, select goggles with impact-resistant lenses. Polycarbonate is a common material used for goggle lenses and is sufficient for the accidental bump into the wall during laps or the casual toss of goggles against concrete deck around a pool. 

Select a long-lasting material for swimsuits

Nylon blends are inexpensive and comfortable, but over time won’t last as long as a polyester suit. Therefore, if your kids are in the pool daily, consider investing in a durable polyester suit. Polyester slows fading and stretching common for materials such as spandex or nylon. Note that high polyester content suits are also less stretchable. So, when searching for a good swimsuit, consider a high polyester content blended with Lycra for an easier fit. 

Your post-swim care routine will also help your swimsuit last longer. All swimwear should be washed after exposure to chlorine in order to preserve the material. Gently rinse or wash your swimwear in cold water after each use.  Also, avoid putting your swimsuit in the dryer since dryer heat weakens fibers that hold the material’s shape.

Water bottles that keep drinks cold

The heat and swim exertion of pool days demand regular hydration, so water bottles are a poolside must. Depending on your priorities, stainless steel and polycarbonate are both good impact-resistant material for poolside use. They're also durable enough for small children who are less likely to be cautious about dropping items they’re holding. Polycarbonate is also a good choice for its excellent insulation attributes and UV-resistant properties, so these water bottles are less likely to degrade over time in outdoor swimming arenas. 

Cute won't last long in kids' swimming products

At some point, we’ve all chosen the cute swimsuit, the fancy goggles and the random water bottles for the pool and later regretted the choice. The swimsuit stretched or faded, the goggles were uncomfortable and the water bottle didn’t stand up to repeated use. Avoid tears, frustration, and regret at the swimming pool by investing in high-quality swim gear that works and stands up to active kids.

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