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What Should Parents Bring In Their Tote Bag For Swim Lessons?

Let’s be honest, taking your kids to swimming lessons can produce enough anxiety  - you don’t want to realize you forgot their swim goggles after you arrive. But you don’t want to be the parent who has so much stuff that things are falling out of your bag. Trust me, I know it feels like you’ve got to pack everything but the kitchen sink just to get to the pool. Here are a few tips for what you need in a well-packed tote so you’re prepared for anything at swim lessons.

What is the best kind of swimsuit to wear for swim lessons?

Swim lessons aren’t the time to break out that cute two-piece with one shoulder. If you want your kids to be confident in the water, look for a swimsuit that won’t pinch, scrape, or move when they’re learning their strokes. Avoid anything distracting that might pull their attention away from learning to swim. Take your cue from elite swimmers - there’s a reason the men wear jammers that tie at the waist and women wear a one-piece.

Swimsuits stretch in the water and they only get bigger over time. You don’t want the bottoms sagging or ending up around their ankles. If you can, try it on before purchasing or use a measuring tape if you’re shopping online. A suit that fits properly won’t have extra fabric and won’t sag or wrinkle.  

Is it worth investing in a good pair of swim goggles?

Of all the things that can make or break a child’s experience at swim lessons, swim goggles that fit are the most important gear to have in your swim tote. The key to a good fit is to test that the goggles securely seal around your child’s eyes without being so tight they leave marks. 

Unlike traditional straps, Frogglez Goggles don't slip up or down causing the tenuous watertight seal to break, so they keep out water, chemicals, and debris. When kids are confident that their goggles work reliably, they’re able to concentrate on listening to their swim instructor. 

Goggle straps get stretched and pulled into place a hundred times during swim class. Frogglez patented neoprene strap is made from wetsuit material - created specifically for swimming. The chunky, stretchy strap is easy for little hands to grasp and pull overhead without any help from their instructors. 

Do swim schools have swimming caps and swim diaper requirements?

Many swim centers have strict requirements when it comes to swim diapers and swimming caps. It’s easy to understand why you need this essential gear. Caps keep hair out of the swimmer’s eyes and out of the pool. Swim diapers keep unexpected potty accidents from ruining your lesson and day! Most swim centers will provide a cap if they require one, but you can also find cute swim caps with a favorite cartoon character or theme. Reusable swim diapers are easy on your wallet and the environment. If your child wears a swim diaper, avoid the expensive swimsuit and just pair it with a cute patterned rash-guard. 

What is the best swimming pool towel?

Any kind of towel will work, but microfiber towels are lightweight and compact, making them easy to roll up into your swim tote. They’re super-absorbent but dry so quickly that they’re less prone than cotton towels to become stale if you accidentally leave it in your bag for a few days. Swim mom tip: monogram your kids name or initials on it so you can always tell which is yours if a classmate has the same towel.

What's the easiest way to clean up after a swim lesson?

If your kid takes lessons in the evening, taking a shower at the pool is a quick and easy way to get them ready for bed. Have them jump in the shower with their suit on to give it a quick rinse in clean water before removing it. Then, lather them up with a combination after-swim product like Burrows Best Tropicals. If your swimmer is young enough to need help in the shower, make sure you’re wearing flip flops or rain boots!

Made from vegan ingredients that can be used safely on all hair and skin types, these premium after-swim bodycare products from Olympic swimmer Elvis V. Burrows don't contain alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. Coconut oil and other natural extracts repair damage and fortify hair and skin against the harsh, drying effects of chlorine.

Do I need a special bag for swim lessons? 

In my head, there’s an elusive magical bag for every activity that is lightweight, has pockets in the right places, and is super cute. We each have our own preferences, but when it’s time for the pool, choose a tote with a rubber or neoprene bottom. You have no idea how many times you’ll set it down in a puddle. Toss in a plastic or mesh bag to carry home the wetsuit - but do not forget it’s in there! Even 24 hours in an airtight bag will make a suit mildewy and gross. 


Infographic about what to pack in your swim bag for the swimming pool.


Bringing it all home after swimming lessons

As hard as you try to ensure that all of your gear makes it back into your swim bag, inevitably something will get left behind. Make sure all of your gear is clearly labeled with your child’s name or initials. This will help ensure your swim gear makes it back to your swim bag!

There’s nothing worse than showing up to swim lessons and realizing you don’t have everything you need. There will still be days where you forget or can’t find something in your bag. Luckily, swim parents are always there for each other.


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