boy wearing blue Frogglez swimming goggles while swimming underwater. He's displaying a peace sign with one hand as he swims in the pool.

Swim Goggles Make Swim Lessons Easier

If you are new to swimming, you may wonder, "Do I need to wear swim goggles?" The answer to that question is absolutely yes! Swimming goggles for kids make seeing underwater easier and protect them from sunburn, chemicals, debris, and more. 

Swim goggles let you see clearly underwater while you swim

Quality swim goggles today are different from the ones you tried as a child. You might remember leaking foam gaskets, blurry plastic lenses, and cheap rubber straps that were impossible to untangle from your hair. However, your memories of foggy underwater views and tired, gritty eyes don't have to be passed down to the next generation. Technical advances in materials (think polycarbonate lenses and flexible silicone flanges) have changed how we view the underwater world. And the patented Frogglez neoprene strap revolutionized swim lessons. So take advantage of new technology for a more comfortable and safe underwater future. 


Don't send kids to school with blurry vision

Imagine sending your child to school without their glasses. Everything is blurry, and their eyes get fatigued quickly. They might be able to see the teacher, but they won't get a clear view of what is being taught. Unless you want your children to learn swimming from a blurry figure while trying to guess the distance to the wall, they need the best kids swim goggles. Frogglez watertight swim goggles for toddlers and children make learning to swim easier.


Behind each pair of goggle lenses is a lot of science 

Many state-of-the-art features in high-quality swim goggles for children aren't apparent at first glance. For example, polycarbonate construction delivers optical precision and impact protection. The wide peripheral view allows kids to safely see their surroundings. Even the tints go beyond simply shading eyes from the sun, e.g. a lightly tinted pink lens can improve depth perception and detail. Finally, the invisible anti-fog coating works to reduce condensation and clear droplets. All of this works together to provide the best visual clarity for swimmers. 

Lens color doesn't determine the amount of UV protection

You can get just as much sun protection from clear goggles as those with a tint. The degree of UV protection is determined in the manufacturing process. The reason Frogglez Masterz have a dark, mirrored tint is to help swimmers avoid glare and discomfort from the harsh sunlight reflecting off the water. But even those who prefer clear goggles because they don't distort colors and make it easier to see in dimmer lighting deserve sun protection. All Frogglez Goggles have 100% UV protection to protect eyes from harmful light that can sunburn eyes. 

Your eyes aren't designed for underwater use

It's more than just seeing clearly underwater after a big splash. Swimming pool water can have other contaminants, including cosmetics, urine, sweat, and mucus. The salt and sand in ocean water can also irritate eyes. Wearing watertight swim goggles like Frogglez Goggles can reduce eye discomfort and keep the irritants in water away from your eyes. Start your children out with the most comfortable swim goggles in the world so they’ll have a lifetime of good eye health.

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