Girl swimmer in backyard swimming pool floating on a frog in a pink rashguard wearing Frogglez swim goggles. Frogglez goggles have a sturdy headband strap that is easy to use. Adjust easily with velcro.

Frogglez Goggles Leap Into Australia

Frogglez innovative swim goggles  —  available NOW in Australia! Get your kids ready for tears-free swim lessons this summer with Frogglez Goggles. 

A blue outline of Australia with the official Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles logo on top.

Frogglez were invented by a dad

Owner and inventor Dr. Christian Hahn tested hundreds of prototypes to design comfortable, easy-to-use goggle straps for kids. Inspiration hit as he watched his daughter struggle with her goggles during swim lessons. The rubber straps got tangled in her hair and were impossible to adjust once she had them on. The goggles kept slipping and leaking, causing the instructor to pause the lesson to fix them. He went home that day and tackled the problem. 

These days, Frogglez are so popular that they’re used by Olympians Chris Cook (GB) and Elvis V. Burrows (Bahamas) in their swim programs.

Patented best-in-class design

Parents and children love Frogglez® award-winning design that’s easy for little hands to manage independently. Our patented neoprene straps keep Frogglez Goggles comfortable during swim lessons, water sports, and all-day beach fun. The split strap design provides leverage that keeps the goggles in place, so they don’t leak or slide off. And, the soft material in kid-friendly bright colors glides overhead and doesn’t get stuck in long or curly hair. 

Frogglez are 100% safe for kids 

Frogglez are latex-free and no harmful chemicals

As a parent, Dr. Chris prioritizes safety, so Frogglez swim goggles have durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that stand up to the energetic play of children. Frogglez are independently tested to be free of latex, PVC, and other harmful chemicals. All Frogglez goggles also include 100% UV protection to keep children's eyes safe in and out of the water. The soft, silicone eye gaskets form a secure, watertight seal that keeps chemicals and debris out of children’s sensitive eyes. 

The most comfortable kids’ swim goggles on the market 

You don’t have to settle for swim goggles that don’t work. Frogglez swim goggles stay in place without leaking, fogging, or falling off so your kids can fearlessly explore the underwater world. 

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