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Reusable Swim Diapers for the Win!

One thing that is universally true: swim diapers are required at all splash parks and pools. The rules exist to keep everyone healthy. Swim diapers contain poop solids to minimize contamination of the pool water, which helps keep diseases from spreading. People have strong opinions on swim diapers, but reusable ones are cheaper, better for the environment, and easier to manage.

How swim diapers work

The sole purpose of a swim diaper is keeping poop from entering the pool. Traditional diapers don’t work; they swell up and absorb so much pool water that they can’t absorb anything else. Reusable swim diapers are made of mostly waterproof fabric. Designers use snaps and Velcro so parents can adjust the fit.

Swim diapers aren’t absorbent; urine passes straight through the diaper into the chlorinated pool water for treatment. The tight fit around legs and waist helps contain any poop. Unfortunately, diarrhea can also pass straight through any swim diaper. It’s important to stay out of the water if your child has loose bowel movements. When you take your child swimming, make sure their eyes are protected from any creepy crawlies with swim goggles that fit.

Ideally, your child will never poop in the pool and the swim diaper is more of a fashion accessory. The concealed water-resistant layer and leakproof legs contain fecal matter that makes people sick.

Save yourself a few bucks

With disposables, you must constantly shell out more cash for new packs as your child uses them and grows out of them! You run the risk of not having enough diapers (or the right size) to enjoy a day at the pool. Or, you can purchase two reusable swim diapers for about the same price as a couple of packages of disposable ones. Use one as the primary and keep the second in your bag as a backup. 

Swim diapers are available in assorted sizes so you can find the right fit for your child. Parents can choose from adjustable sizes and colorful patterns that can also serve as swimsuit bottoms. Many parents find it easier to coordinate a cute rash guard with a festive patterned diaper so they can skip buying an expensive swimsuit altogether.

Skilled designers know how to create an adjustable diaper that will grow with your baby. Unlike most baby clothes that are obsolete after 6 weeks of gentle wear, many swim diapers are adjustable for at least a full season of growth. In the long run, it is worth investing in a slightly more expensive design if it will fit longer.

Make an environmentally conscious choice

Disposable diapers are headed to a landfill with almost no chance of ever breaking down. If you go through packs of disposable swim diapers each summer, you’re contributing to the throwaway culture that brought us into the climate crisis.

Washing reusable swim diapers is quick and easy. Hold the diaper firmly in one hand as you dip it in the toilet and flush. The poop will dislodge from the diaper, and the water will give the diaper a good rinse. Put the used diaper in a plastic bag and once you’re at home, place the diaper in the washing machine for a thorough cleaning.

Easier to manage

Reusable swim diapers easy to purchase online for your next trip to the pool, lake, or beach. For example, Beau and Belle Littles makes swim diapers that are adjustable with rows of buttons on both the waist and thighs so your child can wear the same diaper from infancy to preschool. You’ll never be stuck without the right size on hand. The lightweight fabric won’t weigh your baby down and allows unrestricted movement. With more than a dozen fun and colorful prints, you can use them underneath a cute suit, or pair them with a matching rash guard for the perfect look.  

Disposable swim diapers can be difficult to remove without smearing poop everywhere, requiring an extensive cleanup of the baby and the surrounding area. With an adjustable, reusable swim diaper, parents can unfasten the diaper using the Velcro or snaps and remove it without making more of a mess.

Reusable swim diapers are better for you, your wallet, and the earth

Disposable swim diapers are convenient for certain circumstances, but they’re just not worth the impact on your wallet and the planet. The cute patterns make them attractive enough to wear on their own and you can customize the way they fit for maximum comfort and poop containment!

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