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Four BEST ways to get rid of fog in swim goggles

Like everything else in the world, all things fade or deteriorate over time. This includes swimming products such as beach towels, floaties or swim goggles. When it comes to all high quality products such as Frogglez’s anti-fog goggles, these too will eventually fade after time and use. It would be expensive and unnecessary to replace your swim goggles if they’re in good condition other than the deteriorating anti-fog coating. So here are a few suggestions on what to do or not to do once your goggles are no longer effectively anti-fog.



Spitting in your swim goggles is surprisingly effective

Seemingly gross? Sure. However, human saliva contains a surfactant that breaks surface tension and prevents condensation from forming fog. A little spit on the inside of your swim goggle lenses before you jump in the pool will work, but you’ll find your swimming goggles fog up again a few minutes later. It’s free and great in a pinch, but there are better ways to stay fog free.

Baby shampoo is a popular fix to prevent fogging in kids swim goggles

Shampoo and dish soaps are surfactants that will prevent fogging. We recommend using baby shampoo because it is less likely to irritate your eyes. Gently apply a drop or two of baby shampoo to the inside of goggle lenses, then carefully spread with a soft clean cloth. Beware scratching the lenses when applying. If done correctly, the baby shampoo forms a thin film of protection to keep condensation away while underwater.

Anti-fog spray keeps swim goggles clear

Once you’ve invested in high-quality swim goggles like Frogglez Goggles, you might want to purchase an anti-fog spray. A little goes a long way since you only need a quick spritz before swimming. This will limit the amount of fading that would occur at the normal deterioration rate and will help your kids see better for longer in the swimming pool. Be sure to look for a spray that is safe and free of harmful chemicals 

Never use these to clear fog from goggles

Beware any recommendations on the internet for using vinegar or toothpaste as an anti-fog solution. These acidic and abrasive cleaning products will damage the polycarbonate lenses on your swim goggles. For the safest and most effective methods, please use our tips above!

Proper care will give your swimming goggles a long life

We hope this clears up your insight and vision! Keep your hands and towel away from the inside of your lenses until your anti-fog coating is no longer working. Then, use one of the solutions above as a backup. Always rinse your swim goggles with clean water and allow to air dry before storing. For more information about anti-fog goggles, check out our other blog!

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