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The History of Frogglez

Why did I invent better swim goggles? 

I realized there was a need for better swim goggles when I took Olivia, my oldest daughter, to her swim lesson. With the hair-pulling, leaking, slipping, and constant adjusting of her goggles, it was the classic chaotic scene you would think of. It was quite clear that I wasn’t the only one in this sinking ship. Every struggling parent was trying everything in their power to be optimistic. I was one of them. 

Frogglez were invented by a dad who saw a problem 

As a result of this complete and total mess, I was stressed, she was getting frustrated, and the entire situation became one big dance around trying to make these swim goggles fit and get her into the water.

At this point, I knew that a new type of swim goggle was needed to spare any other parent in this situation. If I could simply do that, my goal would be achieved. Little did I know how quickly this would take off, however.

Founder and creator of Frogglez kids swim goggles prototype in home office with neoprene material in a full wrap around design.


The New Best Swim Goggles Were Created

I went home that day after Olivia’s swim lesson and searched the internet for comfortable swim goggles. There were none. Nowhere I looked had any reliable leakproof, anti-hair-pulling goggles. Shocking. So, being a hobby inventor, I went into my basement "laboratory" and cut up some of my wetsuits. The most comfortable swim goggles were about to be made.

Minutes later, I had created a functional prototype of Frogglez that solved our problems: the best swim goggles. It wasn’t the most flattering sight ever, but it was the first step towards what would eventually be a new product and company. I knew that with time and effort, I could turn this into something that parents and kids alike would love.

Parents Loved The Frogglez Prototype

At Olivia’s next swim lesson, parents saw how easy the goggles functioned. They wondered where I got them and where they could get a pair themselves for their other children. This prototype was so easy to use, Olivia could put them on herself. The swimsuit material didn’t tug on her hair, the lenses wouldn’t leak, and she could do anything the swim instructors told her without having to constantly hold or adjust her goggles.  These were a game-changer, with all the previous issues gone!


Small Family Business committed to making comfortable products

The Frogglez neoprene head strap is now patented, and we make adjustable Frogglez Goggles in all shapes and forms from kids to adult goggles. We are even able to customize the Frogglez for swim schools and water parks. Though my team and I have the mindset of moving forward and growing, we are still a small family-run company with a passion for quality and comfort in our goggles over anything else.

Looking Towards the Future

When kids are confident in their goggles, they are more likely to go completely underwater, and open up a world of possibilities. One thing is for certain, Frogglez Goggles are the best goggles for kids, and the most comfortable swim goggles in the world! Share our story so we can help more kids and parents enjoy the underwater playground with safety, comfort, and style!

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