A swim teacher is giving swim lessons to young kids in the swimming pool while a life guard watches.

Wintertime Swimming Tips

Keeping swimmers healthy during the winter months is always a challenge. With wintry weather on the way, many parents worry that jumping into a swimming pool could cause illness. The good news is swimming when it’s chilly outside does not cause colds or flu. In fact, children who take swim lessons are generally healthier than others who don’t exercise.

Can wet hair from the swimming pool make you catch cold?

It’s a common myth that going outside with wet hair can make you sick. The reality is that germs and viruses are what cause illnesses, not cold weather or wet hair. According to the Mayo Clinic, you can't catch a cold from going outside with wet hair. Furthermore, wet hair won't make you more attractive to germs. 

Taking proper health precautions including thorough handwashing and covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough will help keep everyone in your family well. If you attend swim lessons at a swim school, look for proper disinfecting protocols for common surfaces. Together, these are the most effective ways to prevent the common cold and flu. 

Should my child attend swimming lessons in the winter?

It’s always a good idea to dive into a swimming pool. Not only does swimming in cold weather not lead to illness, it has several positive effects!

Regular exercise improves your overall health and can boost your immune system! Swimming is a full-body exercise that engages all your muscles, improves lung capacity, and strengthens your heart. Swimming reduces stress and boosts endorphins. 

Year-round swimming ensures that children do not forget skills learned between summers. What if we taught our kids to ride a bike, but only let them practice for 3-4 months? Would we expect them to remember how next summer? 

Give your child a chance to release stress in a healthy and safe environment like swimming lessons.

How can I keep my kid comfortable during winter swim lessons?

While swimming during the cold months will not make your child sick, it can be uncomfortable to be wet during frosty weather! Here are some tips to make wintertime swimming easier and more comfortable for your swimmer.

Look for indoor swim facilities. Most indoor pool facilities keep their water between a toasty 32-33°C! Check with your local pool to find out what their water and deck temperatures are.

Drying off thoroughly will make it easier to get dressed and ready to brave the winter winds. So, pack a soft, lightweight microfiber towel. They are super absorbent and dry quickly. If your child has thick or curly hair, pack a travel hairdryer or warm cap to keep their head covered when you step out.

Bundle up! Pack a thick hooded robe to bundle your swimmer in after their lessons or practice. Robes are designed to dry quickly so your winter coat is not soggy when you’re getting dressed in your outdoor gear!

Stick to loose warm clothing. Pulling up thick winter tights on a wet swimmer is never fun! Loose track pants and comfy jumpers are much easier! 

Remember to lotion up! Cold winter air can really dry out your little one’s sensitive skin. 

Make the most of the wonderful winter swimming season!

One advantage of attending swim lessons during chilly months is that it’s easier to get a coveted instructor or time slot. Many families only sign up for summer swimming lessons, so classes are quieter and pools are less busy during the rest of the year.

Take advantage of this less crowded time of year to double up on lesson times. Have you been eyeing that perfect after-school time that is always full? Chances are you can slip in now and be ahead of the crowd when it warms back up. Many swim schools offer discounted rates or cold weather specials too! 

Keep your swimmer in the water year-round for the best health benefits

As parents, we want to keep our children as healthy as possible, especially during cold and flu season. Be assured that swimming during chilly temps won’t cause illness. Give your children the best opportunity for a long and healthy life by enrolling them in year-long swim lessons. 


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