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Keep Kids Clean and Smelling Great After Swimming

Spending long days in the pool, at the waterpark, or splashing at the beach means kids need to clean up more frequently. But all that showering can strip their hair and skin of the natural oils and barriers it needs to remain healthy. After spending most of my life in the pool and ocean swimming and competing on my way to the Olympics, I understand this firsthand. Here’s my advice for battling the effects of chlorine and saltwater to prevent dry, damaged skin and hair.

How does chlorine harm swimmers’ hair? 

Swimming occasionally in chemically treated pool water will definitely dry out your hair. After breaking through your natural protection barrier of scalp oils, chlorine weakens hair. It just compounds when you swim every day, leaving you at risk for split ends and lasting damage. Because children have fine, delicate hair, a summer in the pool can really leave it wrecked.

Sun and water can leave skin feeling itchy and tight

Active kids need great products after a day in the pool, lake, or ocean to wash away chlorine, sweat, and grime. The chemicals that keep the swimming pool clean and safe can make you itchy and leave your hair dry and crunchy.

Why I created Burrows Best after-swim products for hair and skin

You might think you need harsh detergents to get rid of chlorine and saltwater, but that can further injure hair that’s already fragile from the pool and ocean. That’s why I created a gentle shampoo with plant-based ingredients. It’s a natural formula that is free of alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals to protect fine, brittle hair. My signature scent Smelvis Freshley is a refreshing pineapple and coconut scent that reminds me of The Bahamas

Gentle enough for kids learning to swim but strong enough for Olympic swimmers

  • only after-swim products created by an Olympic swimmer
  • restores moisture with the highest-quality botanical extracts and rejuvenating tropical oils
  • clean and safe ingredients suitable for all skin and hair types
  • clean and effective vegan ingredients

Wash away the swimming pool chemicals

I tested lots of formulas and finally found the one that I've always wished for as a swimmer. My gentle Hair & Body Wash and Body Lotion are made from plant-based ingredients, so you’ll be able to remove chlorine, green, sea salts, and minerals without stripping your skin of moisture or leaving your locks a dry and tangled mess. Burrows Best After-Swim products are like wearing swim goggles that protect your hair instead of your eyes.

If you've got a swimmer who smells like chlorine all of the time, get this gentle, nourishing, vegan after-swim products tested on me, not on animals. 

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