At Frogglez we know how important it is to keep kids safe around water. We work with swim schools and other agencies to spread drowning prevention tips and encourage everyone to learn to swim, a life saving skill.


Join us as we expand our efforts beyond water safety to bringing safe water to kids. Kids should be safe around water and water should be safe for kids.


Frogglez partners with WaterStep

Our Frogglez Family has partnered with WaterStep to expand our water safety footprint. Making sure every child has access to safe drinking water is a critical mission for us, so we stepped up to make water safer for kids.

WaterStep helps communities implement long term WASH solutions and provides safe water solutions to areas impacted by disaster.

Help us conquer water with WaterStep - together we can bring safe, clean water to thousands of children around the world.

Every purchase you make at Frogglez results in a contribution to Waterstep!


Care instructions for Frogglez Goggles

Rinse your goggles and strap with clean water after each use. Let them air dry before storing them safely away. Never leave FROGGLEZ outside in the sun or heat, as that will shorten the life.

What is anti-fog coating?

All Frogglez Goggles have a special anti-fog coating applied in the factory. It minimizes condensation and fog on the inside of the lenses, which could blur your view. Avoid touching the inside of the lenses. Anti-fog coating deteriorates over time, but touching the inside of the lenses will accelerate the deterioration. 

How do I know if the goggles have UV protection?

All Frogglez Goggles, regardless of lens color, have 100% UV protection. 

What are the black rings on my goggles?

All FROGGLEZ include a set of optional black extender rings. For smaller kids, set them aside and thread the Velcro strap directly through the goggles. As your child grows up, add the silicone extender to lengthen the strap. You can add and link as many silicone rings as you need to make them fit just right. Click here for instructions.

I lost my extender rings, how can I get more?

If you're In the US, email us with your home address and we'll send you a new pair at no charge! 

My Frogglez seem like a different color than what I saw on the website.

We make every effort to display product colors as accurately as possible. Because computer monitors vary, we cannot guarantee that your display will be accurate.