Product Review Request

So you want to help spread the word about Frogglez Goggles? That is awesome :) We just have a few requirements:


  • A history of product reviews. If you have a brand new website or YouTube Channel, keep it up! It's exciting to get into the world of product reviews. We're looking for sites and channels that have a documented history of product reviews.
  • 1,000+ subscribers for YouTube channels. We receive a lot of review requests. At this time, we're only offering review items to channels that have 1,000 or more subscribers.
  • Be thorough when you're filling out the form below. Follow the instructions closely.
  • Be patient. We send out review requests as often as possible, but it could be some time before we're able to get your review product out to you.

The form below will allow you to submit a product review request to Made By My Dad. When we send your review package, the only thing we ask, other than a fair and honest (and creative!) review, is that you send us a link to the review so that we may post it through our various channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc...). This will not only help us, but will also push traffic to you.


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Frogglez swim goggles for kids size



Does the size not fit you? No problem - we will happily exchange them. For up to 90 days after your initial purchase we exchange your product for a different size.