Kids Swim Goggles Frogglez Jr. Explorer Mermaidz

Frogglez® Mermaidz Goggles are the most comfortable swim goggles ever made. Ideal for younger swimmers under 8 years of age. No more hair-pulling, ear-pinching, impossible to adjust or leaking like a sieve. You’ll be able to enjoy swimming, splashing and diving with constantly focusing on bad fitting goggles. These swimming goggles are ultra comfortable, easily adjustable, and keep water out like no other goggle can.


Strap: 18-19 inches head circumference

Goggles: Pink Tinted

Suggested Age: 3-8 yrs

  • Patented soft and comfortable neoprene strap design that does not pull hair
  • Easy Velcro® size adjustments
  • Removable comfort strap can be attached to your goggles of choice
  • Frogglez® float
  • Kids can put them on by themselves
  • Fun Mermaid Pattern
  • Adjustable Universal Strap attaches to most swimming goggles in the market
  • Silicone Goggles for soft fit on smaller heads
  • SILICONE Extension Ring allows for easier attachment and greater size variance
  • SAFE: Frogglez® are independently tested to be Lead-free,Phthalates-free and Formaldehyde-free

  • Quality Velcro® attachment for size adjustments

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Frogglez swim goggles for kids size



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