The Most Comfortable Swimming Goggles

Looking for the most comfortable swim goggles for big kids, teens, and adults? Masterz by Frogglez are perfect for triathletes, open water swimmers, and people learning to swim at any age.

Our Story

Frogglez Goggles were invented by a dad who watched his daughter’s swim goggles pull her hair and slip off during swim lessons. He went home that day and began working on a new design that was easy enough for kids to manage independently, didn't pull hair, and provided enough leverage to keep goggles in place so they wouldn't leak. 

Expert Designers

Next, he consulted Olympic swimmers to adapt the design for teens and adults. With expert help, he paired the patented strap with the highest quality goggles he could find. Just like our legendary kid's goggles, Frogglez for teens and adults stay in place, won't get stuck or tangle long, curly hair, and are easy to use. Now, our comfortable swimming goggles are sold around the world. 


Frogglez Goggles are so comfy and easy to use that they're a Certified Autism Resource found to improve the lives of individuals on the spectrum. 

At Frogglez, we believe everyone should have fun learning to swim and exploring the underwater world without worrying about their goggles.