Stop Torturing Kids with Painful Rubber Straps!

Stop Torturing Kids with Painful Rubber Straps!

December 16, 2015

 Mad Kid

 How do kids feel about painful rubber strap swim goggles?

Yes, exactly. It hurts! Try it yourself. Rubber straps rip out hair

So what do you do? Torture the poor little ones in the pool as they are supposed to learn how to swim? Not my idea of how to learn anything. When this happened to me with my daughter at her first swim lesson I went home and invented Frogglez® Goggles, the PAINLESS swim goggles.

This is going to be big! Swim goggles with painful rubber straps are a thing of the past, like the Dinosaur. Are you using outdated, painful swim goggles? Make the change today! Make your kids happy and allow them to enjoy swimming again.

 Merry Christmas,

Dr. Chris



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